Complaint compensation not received

Date created:, Dec 11, 2023, Date completed:, May 23, 2025

Complaint Wage theft

Date created:, Nov 7, 2023, Date completed:, Apr 22, 2025

Complaint 1. What is the name of the vendor your concerns are regarding? - The name of the company is Mayland Research Limited or 美利德咨询/科技有限公司(Beijing, Shanghai, HK) 2. How and approximately what dates have you been contacted by this vendor? - I have been working with the company for more than 4 years, on dozens if not hundreds of projects. 3. Please describe the data you believe has been falsified. - I've become aware of falsification of data in 2 projects, and attempt to do so in another 1 (involving IQVIA). In 1 project, they entered one of their own employees (a fieldwork staff) as a patient for interview for cost saving purpose. In another project, they recruited a few respondents that are not qualified, but asked their transcriber to falsify what the doctors said to make them look qualified on transcripts. The most recent one is a project by IQVIA. While conducting the interview, I found out very soon after staring the interview that the respondent they recruited is unqualified and suggested to stop the interview, but they insisted on me continuing it. After that, they asked me to falsify the CA, deleting the contents of the respondents saying that he's unfamiliar with the disease areas and that he only did some research online before the interview. I refused to do so. Due to this, the project was put on hold, and they switched to another moderator to finish the project. 4. Please describe what business ethics you believe have been violated. You mention not

Date created:, Jun 8, 2023, Date completed:, Mar 27, 2025